Sea Shepherd Gin Blue Ocean

Sea Shepherd Gin Blue Ocean

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Type of alcohol :Gin 

Origin : Germany

Volume : 70cl

Degree : 43.1°

Blue like the sea, the limited edition Sea Shepherd Gin Blue Ocean is dedicated to the world's largest interconnected ecosystem. And the people around the world fighting to protect it. Sovereignty, strength, reliability - that's what intense blue represents and that's what the environmental activists of Sea Shepherd represent. Since 1977, the organization has taken action, not words, against illegal activities at sea.

And this is how Blue Ocean is activated: mixed with tonic water, the color-changing gin transforms blue into purple. Its colorful, fruity and fresh waves are 100% natural.

Order the Blue Ocean Gin now and let whalers, poachers and environmental fishermen experience their blue miracle: 10% of the sale goes directly to Sea Shepherd, whose German headquarters is in Bremen-Vegesack!

Botanicals: Croatian juniper, orange, lemon, raspberry, blackberry, thyme, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, black pepper, blueberries, spirulina