Long Stemmed Red Roses

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Long stem red roses (about 80cm)

Our Tips for enjoying your bouquet for a long time

Cut each stem using a sharp knife (never use scissors)

Make a long oblique cut

Choose a vase that is absolutely clean and tall enough. The roses should be covered with water up to half of their stem.

Place the flowers in cool water (but never iced)

Add a preservative to the water in the vase. Never replace it with sugar or anything similar; sugar accelerates rot.

Choose a cool place if possible, away from drafts. If you can't do this during the day, at least make sure your roses can spend the night in a cool place.

When choosing a location, avoid placing the bouquet in direct sunlight, near a radiator or fruit, or right behind window glass.

Add a little water every day if you have put a preservative in the vase.

You should change the water every day if you are not using a preservative.

Take the opportunity to recut the stems and clean the vase.