Type of alcohol : Agricultural Rum 

Brand : Montebello 

Origin : Guadeloupe 

Volume : 70cl

Degree : 42°

The 1984 Old Rum from Montebello is an Agricultural Rum from Guadaloupe.

In the Montebello distillery there is still a traditional production method.
The sugar cane is harvested by hand on the steep mountain slopes in Petit Burg.
Harvested by hand, it is cut into long pieces that affect the pressed liquor, then fermented before distillation.
The result is a traditional, old-fashioned agricultural rum.
The 1984 Old Rum from Montebello is one of the last thousandths selected and marketed by Luca Gargano de Velier.
In fact, it's worth noting the vintage status brand colors!
The 1984 Old Rum from Montebello was aged in oak barrels.
Round and rich, it perfectly reflects the fruity style of Guadalupe but, without sacrificing intensity, it also has a clean and fine texture.
Rhum Vieux 1984 from Montebello is just a rarity, a great rum, very good.

Tasting notes:
Color: Amber.
Aromas: The nose is expressed with an intense and harmonious bouquet, marked in particular by fruity and spicy notes.
Mouth: The palate is fine, enveloping, moderately sweet, with a slight sapid note. Rich and lasting finish.