Set of 4 Ti-Punch Glasses + 4 Lélé Stirrers

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The set of 4 DÉKOLAJ glasses and 4 ANBA coasters, Lélé decor, is made up of 8 elements:

  • 4 DÉKOLAJ ti-punch glasses, Lélé decor, Ø 8.3 x h. 5.9 cm – 23 cl
  • 4 ANBA coasters Ø 10 x h. 1.2 cm, wooden
  • 4 Lélé Stirrers

The Lélé decor of the DÉKOLAJ glass from COMPTOIR CREOLE is reminiscent of bois-lélé (bwa-lélé in Creole). It is a stick from an eponymous shrub (scientific name quararibea turbinata of the bombacaceae family). The bois-lélé is shaped into a knot made up of 5 branches, which was used in the West Indies to stir rum-based cocktails, such as the ti-punch.

100% French manufacturing

COMPTOIR CRÉOLE attaches fundamental importance to quality and favors French know-how. The brand has taken the greatest care to select the best companies for the manufacture of its products:

  • the DÉKOLAJ ti-punch glass, Lélé decor, was formed in a glassworks in Hauts de France and decorated nearby
  • the ANBA coaster, made of beech wood, was turned in a carpentry in Pays de Loire.

Forest preservation and food quality.
For the design of the items in its TI-PUNCH range, COMPTOIR CRÉOLE chose beech wood from the forests of Normandy. The beech wood used benefits from PEFC™ certification (Plan European Forest Certification). The PEFC mark certifies that the raw materials come from forests whose owners are committed to respecting the rules of sustainable forest management. Beech wood has the advantage of being available in large quantities and of food quality.