Samaroli SPQR Limited to 278 bottles

Samaroli SPQR Limited to 278 bottles

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Type of alcohol : Traditional Rum 

Brand : Samaroli

Origin : El Salvador & Guatemala

Volume : 70cl

Degree : 48°

Samaroli SPQR (Spirits Pure Quality Rum) is a blend of 2007 El Salvador rum from the Licorera Cihuatan Distillery and a rum distilled in 2010 at the Darsa Distillery in Guatemala. They are aged in Scotland and bottled in June 2020. Limited edition of 278 bottles .

Certainly the Roman evolution that our society has experienced cannot fail to have influenced the choice of the name of our last assembly in the field of Rum. We said we wanted to create a Rum that could explain our philosophy in all latitudes and on all battlefields, here is the reference to Imperial Rome, a rum that allows the best bartender to have a strange and unusual ingredient. A rum to drink first pure then mixed to appreciate the depth of its possible evolutions and variations.

Please note, this Rum will therefore put an end to any mixture that will be born with the protagonist; our Spirits will not be there forever. Strange, but it fills us with pride because nothing can be eternal and nothing should be and designed to repeat itself infinitely. Quality must have an end must change must be affected by what is happening in the world every day.

A nose and a mouth that reflect the sensations of the "Mare Nostrum" the Mediterranean surrounded by the empire of Rome. A long walk from the Gate of Asia in Cappadocia passing through the streets of Greece, Southern Italy to the lavender fields of Provence to the Andalusian maquis. Dried figs, dates, lime honey, fruits in alcohol, fruits convinced by the sun and caramel, candied apricot, sweet spices, saffron... a long list of sweet combinations. On the palate it is just as rich, balanced, fascinating, virile, generous, expressive, tireless. To surprise, to conquer, to convince, to attract oneself and to move away then to pick up where he had left us, several times, without giving in, without fatigue moreover, with a crisp liveliness.