Pira Gin

Pira Gin

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Type of alcohol :Gin 

Brand : Christian Drouin

Origin : France, Coudray-Rabut

Volume : 70cl

Degree : 42°

Pira is a new Gin recipe created by Maison Drouin which continues to explore the aromatics of the Normandy region.

In this new edition, it is the pear which is placed at the center of the recipe. A variety of Norman perry pear, called Domfront , is thus associated with juniper, vanilla, lemon, black pepper as well as Iris root, the flower which adorns the roof of Norman cottages.

Pira is made according to the same principles as the original version of Le Gin; each aromatic is macerated and redistilled separately in order to optimize aroma extraction.

The distillates are then blended before bottling.

“Along with the apple, the pear is the other emblematic fruit of Normandy. In the Pays d'Auge, pear trees are generally planted on the edge of apple orchards. These large trees which can reach more than 15 meters high, with deep roots, form excellent windbreaks for more fragile apple trees... Normandy pear trees live up to 300 years. The perry pear is a small pear with a subtle aroma, which combines acidity and tannins. With Pira , I wanted to work around this fruit, by choosing a typical Domfrontais variety, the Domfront pear.”