Langatun Old Crow

Langatun Old Crow

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Type of alcohol : Whiskey

Brand : Langatun

Origin : Switzerland - Langenthal (BE)

Volume : 50cl

Degree : 46°

Langatun's Old Crow is a smoky and peaty whiskey. The malt in this single malt whiskey is specially smoked with peat.

This means that during the malting process the barley is dried with the smoke from the burned peat absorbing the aroma of the smoke, which then gives the finished whiskey its wonderful smoky aroma.

Langatun Old Crow is one of the first whiskeys in Switzerland and even one of the first whiskeys in continental Europe to be produced using this process. Langatun's "Old Crow" shows itself with a beautiful amber color and reddish nuances. A pleasure for lovers of finely peated and smoked whisky.

Nose: Smoky and tobacco notes
Palate: Smoky salted caramel, sweet smoke, red wine notes
Finish: Warm, notes of tobacco, dark chocolate and peanut butter