Type of alcohol : Traditional Spanish rum (Ron)

Brand : The Island Rum Company 

Origin : Cuba 

Volume : 70cl

Degree : 41°

La Progresiva is a blend of Cuban molasses rums, born from the Vigia distillery. This collaboration between The Island Rum Company and the Cuban government is a first in 20 years!

It is a “ mezcla ”, that is to say a blend of aguardientes and cane alcohol distilled in a copper column . All distillates are aged in bourbon barrels , with an average age of 13 years .

The first nose is nicely aromatic, rather “funky”, with a deeply pastry presence highlighted by leather. We then find very ripe and sweet orchard fruits, like mirabelle plums or gently spiced apricots, but also grapes soaked in rum. The leather and cigar box side brings an undeniable elegance.

With a little aeration, the rum takes on a slightly more vegetal appearance, while remaining in a very tropical, humid and opulent setting. The white oak barrel coats all of this in a rather subtle way, with its notes of vanilla, tobacco and caramel. A light breeze of chlorophyll hovers from time to time and brings freshness.

On the palate , the attack is soft and the rum slides easily onto small exotic notes. This funky phase encountered from the first moments of the nose is more fleeting here, and quickly gives way to a soft and vanilla wood. The varied spices offer a livelier mid-palate, with an alcohol that tickles the taste buds.

The finale is marked by a return of deep and tropical notes. We then find warm leather and exotic notes of grapes with great aroma of rum.

“A rum which once again shows the complexity of blending Cuban rums, thanks to a constant balance between tropical exuberance and the comfort of gentle aging…”