Karukera Black Alligator

Karukera Black Alligator

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Type of alcohol : Rhum Agricole  

Brand : Karukera

Origin : Guadeloupe 

Capacity : 70cl

Degree : 45°

Karukera unveils its latest novelty, an atypical old agricultural rum: Black Edition Alligator !

After maturing for at least four years in French oak barrels, in Guadeloupe this Cuvée undergoes a very particular refining, which gives it its typicity and signature.

The uniqueness of this vintage is in fact based on the different toastings which were applied to the selection of new barrels in which it was then refined.

Among these heatings, one of them is called ' strong heating ' and leads to the internal and voluntary carbonization of the barrels.

This very intense heating has the characteristic of changing the surface of the wood into a dark, rough and shiny texture, similar to the skin of one of the most famous reptiles. : the Alligator!

It is a unique toasting which allows a gentler interaction between the barrel and the rum. From this marriage, we obtain a balanced rum whose profile offers generous notes of brown sugar, sometimes flirting with caramel, and above all intense fruity (citrus), spicy and smoky flavors.