Gin Generous Coriander&Combawa

Gin Generous Coriander&Combawa

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Type of alcohol :Gin 

Brand : Generous

Origin : Cognac (France)

Volume : 70cl

Degree : 44°

A certified organic gin from France with kaffir lime and coriander as signature ingredients.

Green was probably the only color of choice for Generous Organic Gin, and not just because it's "green" (organic). The most important plants are coriander (a green spice plant) and kaffir lime (a type of green lime). Gin lovers will probably know kaffir lime better as kaffir lime, as it can also be found in other gin recipes. Besides coriander and lime, Generous Gin has flavors of lemon, tangerine, red pepper and of course juniper. Some ingredients undergo simple maceration and others undergo joint distillation with the base alcohol. The organic quality seal is printed on the bottle, which is reminiscent of a beautifully decorated vase.