Foursquare Shibboleth

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Type of alcohol : Agricultural Rum 

Brand : Foursquare

Origin : Barbados 

Volume : 70cl

Degree : 56°

A shibboleth is a word whose very specific pronunciation allows us to recognize the nationality of the man who uses it. It is a trick which allows, in times of war, to recognize a friend from an enemy.

This is the name of this vintage, produced by Foursquare on the island of Barbados.

It is part of the 16th edition of the Exceptional Cask Selection range, which brings together - as its name suggests - the best vintages of the brand.

This is a blend of rums distilled in a Pot Still still and in a column, having benefited from aging for 16 years in barrels that previously contained Bourbon.

Subtle notes of white pepper, raisins and pineapple create an invitation to tasting.

On the palate, mango, anise and vanilla irresistibly delight us.

The finish offers gourmet flavors of tropical fruits. Irresistible !