Type of alcohol :Gin 

Brand : Etter

Origin :Zug

Volume : 70cl

Degree : 40°

During the preparations for our 150th anniversary in 2020 we delved into our archives. There we came across an interesting recipe in very old distillation books. Our ancestors were above all devoted to kirsch. Apparently they also distilled an “herbal brandy”. We found this recipe so captivating that we adapted it to current trends to make the premium Gin Etter .

We remain faithful to our attachment to the homeland also for Gin
Etter. On the one hand Gin naturally contains a little kirsch and on the other hand
the juniper comes partially – as described in the old recipe – from
the Rossberg region. The Rossberg is a mountain range
in the cantons of Zug and Schwyz. It culminates at the Wildspitz which is the most
high mountain in the canton of Zug and which offers a breathtaking panorama of
Central Switzerland
a place full of nostalgia for the Etter family. We
we sublimated the
native herbs of the time by adding botanicals
loaded with aromas – there are 75 of them! It is the spices from the traditional house JC Fridlin, established in Zug since 1775, which allowed us to access this legendary multiplicity. Therefore Gin Etter is limited. The careful addition of butterfly pea flowers gives Gin Etter in a natural way this fresh and captivating turquoise blue color. And be careful: by adding tonic water, the gin – as if by magic changes color to a slightly lilac tone.