Coloma 8 years

Coloma 8 years

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Type of alcohol : Traditional Rum 

Origin : Colombia

Volume : 70cl

Degree : 40°

Two women are at the origin of this rum: Sandra Reategui and Judith Ramirez. They are among the rare women who have been able to make their place in the still very masculine world of master rum makers, and to have established themselves as references.

It is in Colombia, in the village of Fusagasugà, that everything is at stake. There is a beautiful hacienda there, which initially dedicated itself to coffee farming (from which the brand takes its name Coloma).

After studying distillation techniques in French vineyards, the owner began producing a coffee liqueur whose success continues. Encouraged by this success, the hacienda launched into the production of rum, which also enjoyed esteemed success.

What makes this rum specific is that it comes from the distillation of two varieties of sugar cane; Filtration takes place in old coffee filters, using spring water of incomparable purity. Finally, aging takes place in American oak barrels for 8 years .

Fall for its beautiful amber color with warm orange highlights, which contains scents of fruit and vanilla, but also of coffee and chocolate, in a beautiful whole which is organized around the finesse of woody scents.

In the mouth , the vanilla becomes creamy, and the coffee aromas strengthen, to the greatest pleasure of those with a sweet tooth. A beautiful length in the finish, to end your tasting in a thrill of ecstasy!